I'm Michael. I grow brands, socially.

Here's a quick summary of what I bring to the table.

Research & Strategy

I will research your competitors in order to reveal opportunities and better understand your customers’ demands; helping you broaden your social influence.

Technology & Trends

I will monitor trending topics and emerging technologies for opportunities to engage your audience and diversify your overall digital marketing strategy.

Content & Engagement

I will craft compelling content and personalized communications to engage your audience, improving conversions and creating brand advocates.

Creative Leadership

From hands-on design to overseeing other designers, I will push the creative throttle to new limits with innovative and engaging social media campaigns.

Grow Audience

I will help grow your audience across all channels with a balanced mix of engaging content and viral media that stimulates social sharing and discussion.

I Speak Developer

I have hands on experience with HTML and CSS, and can seamlessly work with developers to create interactive landing pages and other engaging media.

Analyze & Measure

Starting with your average customer lifetime value, I will help create an actionable set of KPIs to test, measure, and improve your social media ROI.

Cross-Team Training

I will socialize your CEO, sales, support, and other public-facing employees and train them to leverage social media for a variety of business goals.

  • I use a wide variety of tools for social media management. I have hands-on experience working with nearly every social network and third party app, along with a variety of analytics and reporting tools. Click below to learn more about me and my personal social media achievements.

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  • I’ve designed and managed web and interactive projects for the past 8 years. I’ve worked on videos, animations, website design, front-end development, logo design, brand collateral, landing pages, display advertising, email, and of course social media campaigns. I have a track record of success with my designs, and I always strive to deliver “portfolio-worthy” work. Click below to view samples of my work.

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